Anybody Else a Back-Seat Driver? (approx. 2 min. read)

I was in an accident with my youngest daughter shortly after I was diagnosed with PTSD and it’s made me a horrible passenger; especially when we’re passing a truck.

It was an incredibly hot day and we were heading into Stoney Creek so she could do her road test. Before we left the house I spent what felt like most of the morning talking on the phone with my counsellor because going out of the house was extremely difficult for me. I agreed I would do the cognitive behavioural therapy and just keep telling myself that everything was okay. To repeat what day of the week it was and keep repeating where I was going. All the while telling myself that I’d done the drive a hundred times and each time I had made it safely, then BBOOOMMM! Just like a gunshot... A truck had passed us on the right and one of his rear tires exploded, and hit the passenger side of the car so hard I ended up with almost $1000.00 of damage.

...Seconds before, I had asked Alyssa to wind up her window so I could put on the air conditioner, and thank goodness I had, because the remnants of the tire would have come into the car and done serious damage to my baby girl. She screamed, I screamed, and then my adrenaline kicked in, and I raced off after the truck like I was a Nascar driver. We caught him, got his information, and that’s when I broke down. After all, I was already stressed when I left the house and when the tire blew, it sounded like a gun went off and it triggered me...

Today, I can’t get into a vehicle without white-knuckling it, and being a bad passenger. Not because I’m giving unsolicited advice or telling someone how to drive; it’s all about fear and anxiety. I make gasping noises, hold onto the door handle like it’s a parachute release and ride the imaginary brake that’s under both my feet like I’m trying to kill something.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to be more relaxed in the car? One of my husband and my retirement plans is to travel. One of those ways is to get into a Motorhome and drive until the scenery compels us to stop, and I’m not sure I can do that in my present state.  

Stay safe, and stay strong. Thanks for following.