Why I'm leaving Myself Open to Derogatory Comments... (approx. 1½ min. read)

So for those of you that haven’t been following me this week I’ve been getting some pretty slanderous comments on the blog “I’m back and stronger than ever,” as well as getting some pretty nasty emails.

Some of you have asked me why my comments are un-moderated, as well as why I would open myself up to that kind of hurt and I’m going to answer that question for you...

People with mental health issues are treated with distaste, and mostly nobody gets to see the way society treats them.

Our abusers (for the most part) make sure there are no witnesses to their actions, so when we (people with mental illness) try to tell the world about our pasts and why we have PTSD, anxiety, etc. they don’t believe us.

Most of the blogs I’ve visited are moderated and you can’t post anything that hasn’t been approved, so most of the time, the comments are positive and encouraging ...but that isn’t the world we’re living in. We’re living in a world where people with mental health issues, are stigmatized and we can’t figure out where we fit in.

Which brings me to the reason I won’t moderate the comments on my site ...I don’t want you to just see the candy-coated side of mental illness; I want you to see it the way it truly is without any misconceptions. And I believe that if I would have blocked those comments, no one would have gotten the chance to see what people like us have to deal with on a daily basis.  

Now don’t get me wrong because I’m not faulting anyone else on how they’re writing their blogs; this is just something I believe will help me to deal with my mental illness. A lot of people believe that what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t feel, and I’m here to #endthestigma.

Stay safe and stay strong. Thanks for following.