Stress and Its Ailments... (approx. 1½ min. read)

I had my follow-up with the optometrist this week and unfortunately she said my sight hasn’t gotten any better. seems the stress from the last couple of months has caused me to lose approximately 50% of the sight in my right eye due to the central serous retinopathy, but I want you to know I’m still not down and out! 

The swelling that develops on the retina reduces or distorts vision, but my Doctor said the effects are usually temporary, and she believes my vision should recover on its own. But, and it’s only a little but, she told me it’s been a couple of months already and she thinks we should err on the side of caution and is booking me in to see a specialist.  

I agree because if I’m being honest, I’m scared shitless! I only have two eyes and I’m getting a real good taste of what it’s like to have trouble seeing. She also reiterated that I need to continue getting rest and distancing myself from the stress/ors in my life; which I believe I am, for the most part. 

...And I’ve done that by distancing myself from the people, places and things that exacerbate my symptoms and the derogatory comments on my blog seem to have stopped. Plus, I haven’t received any nasty emails or messages from anyone and those were the things that have been causing the most amount of stress in my life.  

My book is going to be ready for the first edit the end of this month, so other than my blog and catching up with followers; I won’t have to be sitting at the computer. In addition I’m thinking about doing some vlogging, instead of blogging until my eye has healed completely, so it’ll all be uphill from here. 

Stay safe and stay strong. Thanks for following.