The National Day of Mourning. (approx. 1 - 1½ min. read)

This week’s blog is about recognizing a day that’s known in about 100 countries worldwide, called The National Day of Mourning.

In Canada, our National Day of Mourning is on April 28th. This date was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the Ontario Workers’ Compensation Act, which was approved in 1914 and enshrined in national legislation by an Act of Parliament in 1991.

This special day is traditionally marked in many ways to honour and remember the people who have died, been injured, or suffered illness in the workplace. On this day, we recognize and show our respect for those people and families that were changed by a workplace accident.

For those of you that have been following me, you know that a workplace accident changed my life and I’d like to share a magazine article I wrote about that fateful day.

I know my story is different because I’m still here and there are a lot of people that aren’t, but my family still misses the person that didn’t come home that day. They’re still waiting for the person they knew as their mother, wife, Aunt and friend to come home; 11+ plus years later, they still feel as though they’ve been left with a stranger.

To read the article, lease click on the link: (approx. 10 - 10½ min. read)

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