Leaving the Shire! (approx. 2½ - 3 min. read)

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but my husband and I have sold our house and we’re moving. It’s not what we originally planned for ourselves but my husband was part of a group of employees that was forced into retiring a couple of years back, and this is the decision we’ve had to make.

Retiring is what everyone wants but we aren’t financially ready for it yet. We probably would have been had we gotten together earlier in life instead of just 12 years ago, but we didn’t. We also might have been ready had we not lost everything in our previous marriages. We also might have been ready had I not been diagnosed with PTSD and told that I would never be able to work full time because the stress would kill me.

...but I digress.

Our plans were to stay in this house and be close to our kids and our grand kids, but between my PTSD and my husband not being able to find another job at his age, our original plans are out of our reach.

So, 7 months ago we put our house on the market and it finally sold, with a thirty-day closing date and that is now less than two weeks away. We have no idea where we’re going at this point because there isn’t a lot of equity in the house. Our plans are to purchase a piece of property further North, where the property is cheaper and we can build a house, but we haven’t had any luck yet.

The good news is that we purchased a travel trailer and we can live in it until we find a piece of land, and get a new house built. It’s a great plan but as you know, I’m afraid of the world and most of the time I don’t leave the house unless there is someone with me.

In our current home we have an alarm system and we used to have a dog. In our temporary home, we will have neither. The service dog I was supposed to get to take over Xena’s job is going to someone else because I no longer have a fixed address.

Burying my brother-in-law, losing our furry family member, Xena, and leaving the home we thought would be our forever home is absolutely devastating; especially when we’re not sure where we’re going!

Needless to say, I’ve been crying - a lot - and I have to tell you it’s not helping. In fact, it’s just making me feel even more miserable and I need to stop! I need to embrace this for exactly what it is - an adventure! I’ve always wanted to build a dream home and I’m well on the way to doing it. Sure, it’s going to take awhile and I may not be on social media as much, but I’m hoping you’ll continue to follow me and find out how I’m surviving with PTSD and living as a nomad at the same time.

Stay safe and stay strong! Thanks for following!