You may not get to show your love tomorrow, show it today💕- by Alyssa Gingras

I let someone make me feel bad about who I am the other day.

I received a nasty message from someone blasting me because "it's wrong for me to tell people that I love them and I miss them if it's not a close family member or a spouse"

I let it bother me. I questioned if how I speak to others IS in fact wrong. I even considered minimizing how I feel about all the amazing people in my life. Then it hit me; if I did that, I wouldn't be ME. I never want my kids to feel like they can't be exactly who they are and I decided I wasn't going to let anyone make me feel like that either.

I do love with my whole heart. I tell people exactly how I feel because I may not get to tomorrow. I do kind things for strangers because all of us are human beings and deserve to feel accepted and loved. It saddens me that the man at Costco (I let go ahead of me because he only had a few items) was so shocked that I called him over from 4 registers over. I will raise my kids to be like me because that's all I know how to do.

To everyone of my friends and family members; I love you all with my whole heart no matter what anyone else thinks. I may love you as a parent, I may love you as a family member, I may love you as a friend, I may love you as someone I have something in common with or I may love you because you were in my life at the exact moment I needed you to be. Regardless, I have love for every single one of you because you've all helped make me who I am today. You may not get to show your love tomorrow, show it today💕