It’s that Time of Year! (approx. 1½ - 2 min. read)

This time last year, Gary and I were getting ready to head south for Christmas. We had had a particularly tough year; especially with the death of my brother and I just couldn’t be anywhere near my hometown.

Gary and I had talked about how we were going to get through Christmas in the months leading up to it and decided that even though it was the first time ever, we were going to bite the bullet and take off for the holidays.

Other than a little stress Christmas morning, it was amazing! We were up and at the airport before breakfast and instead of standing in the living room of people we only saw once or twice a year, by dinnertime we were standing in the ocean, toasting the day.

This year (2016) things are pretty much the same but we aren’t financially able to take off over the holidays, and I have to say the anxiety is sending me through the roof.

Christmas has been a source of drama and confusion for decades and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel some sort of stress over it, and I need it to stop! Don’t get me wrong, I do have family that care. My problem is I seem to be stuck on what I can’t have, instead of being grateful for what I do have and that’s just not conducive to the life I want for myself.

Starting today, I’m going to focus on the people that matter; starting with me. I don’t care if you consider me the misfit! This Christmas and every other holiday following it, I’m going to surround myself with at least one person that loves me for who I am; I hope you’re going to do the same!

Stay safe and stay strong. Thanks for following.