We Still Have a Long Way to Go to #EndtheStigma! (approx. 2½ min. read)

It seems I have a long way to go to end the stigma around mental illness; especially suicide.

You see, there was another suicide attempt on the Skyway Bridge near where I live and instead of there being nothing but support and compassion for the jumper, there were derogatory comments all over social media. Things like - “Is the Skyway closed so this moron can choose to jump from either side of the bridge,” “Attention seeker, jump already,” and “Couldn’t he just kill himself at home and not ruin everyone else’s day?”

Really?! There was a human being feeling so desperate and desolate that he believed the only way to end his pain was to jump off a bridge and end his life; and instead of feeling compassion and wanting to help, people were calling him a moron and telling him to jump?!

Pardon the language, but what the fuck is wrong with some people?! Mental illness is no more a choice than picking who your parents are, or what colour your skin is! Furthermore, how could suicide be an attempt at getting someone’s attention ...just think of the consequences?!

A person is suicidal, and they’re reaching out and no one listens. You call the local crisis centre and the volunteer answering the phone fumbles it and hangs up on you. You call back and it goes through to the answering machine ...it’s been ten months and they still haven’t called me back, but that’s another blog.

Then you try to reach out to family, but they just say you’re trying to get attention and look the other way.

You believe in your head they’re treating you this way because you’re a disappointment and they would be so much better off without you and your drama in their life. So you make your suicide plan and you succeed.

Now what? How much attention do you think that person that committed suicide is going to get?! They’re lying in a pine box with their eyes sewn shut, waiting to be placed in the ground, AND buried under six feet of dirt! Do you still think that “disappointment” killed him/herself to get your attention?!

They’re dead! There’s no attention being directed at them because they’re gone from this world and there’s no coming back for a do-over, or to see if anyone is listening this time!

It really hurts my heart to think there are still people that make it so hard for people like me to keep our heads up. They tell us we’re unworthy of living, yet when we think the only choice we have is to die, they criticize us for that as well!! 

Come on people, try to have a little compassion and learn about the stigma around mental illness instead of criticizing someone in their time of need, or turning the other cheek.

Stay safe and stay strong. Thanks for following.

P.S. Sorry for the language, but I’m very passionate about this topic.