I’m so Angry I Could Spit! (approx. 2 min. read)

I got the first edit of my book back and as it all draws to a close, I can’t help but look back and reflect on the last year or so. It’s been hard bringing forth all of the horrible memories; I thought getting them onto paper would be cathartic, but it’s proving to be quite frustrating.

There’s been a lot of criticism regarding my book and my blog, mostly from my family of origin, but I’m not allowed to quote any of it without hand written permission. And honestly, I’m having a really tough time with that!

Individuals have been writing me malicious emails, texts and messages, as well as writing some incredibly cruel comments (on my website), and I’m powerless to make the rest of the world aware of what is going on!

I’m not allowed to quote any comments, emails, letters, texts, etc. that were written to me, even when they’re signed by the people that wrote them?! Honestly it feels like the trauma is just continuing because people; some of them my abusers are slandering me publicly I can’t call them on it. It just doesn’t make any sense...

How the heck are we ever going to end the stigma when the wrong guy is being protected?!

I thought that if you were telling the truth, you could say whatever you like, but I’m not even allowed to name names in my own book. Which is really discouraging because I thought “truth” would prevail and the people who harmed me would pay for what they did to me ...but how will they if I can’t name them - where’s my justice?!

Sure I can take these individuals to court and sue them for slander and defamation of character, but we all know who wins in court cases and it isn’t the victim or the perpetrator, so does that mean the perpetrator is going to get away with bullying the victim - again?!

I’m honestly so angry I could spit!!! Enough is enough; it’s time the bad guy is punished, don’t you think?! It’s time we change the set of rules we have for bully’s and end the stigma around mental illness! We need to stop protecting the people that are persecuting us, especially if they are the reason for our mental illness.

Stay safe and stay strong. Thanks for following!