I Still Think Thou Dost Protest TOO Much! (approx. 3-4 minute read)!

I know I’ve said it before, but please read on and you can be the judge:

I’m still reeling from the aftermath of last week’s emails...

When all was said and done, four more family members came forward and also sent emails to the family of origin in question. It was incredible! I believed that my nephew and I were going to receive vindication. We honestly thought that this time the truth was going to come out. After all, there were a lot more of us speaking up and speaking out about it, and we believed the guilty parties were finally going to pay. Were we wrong!

Instead, I receive a call from the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.).

Can you imagine how that was for me? A voice on the other end of the phone said, “Is this Davina Lytle? This is Officer Jake Wise calling from Dishonesty County.” It really isn’t the name of the town, but I’ve been told to change names, etc. so that no one can come back on me. Officer Jake said “I have something I need to discuss with you.”

I almost fell over ...what the heck did I do to warrant a call from a police officer and one that called me by name?!

Officer Jake continued talking and told me that two members of my family of origin were sitting across from him. They told him that my oldest daughter and I were sending harassing emails to them, and it needed to stop.

First of all I told him they weren’t harassing emails; they were emails merely asking questions about the past. Secondly, I told him that my oldest daughter wasn’t the one sending them; she was the recipient. It was me and some other members of our family of origin who were sending the emails. Including me, there were four of us in total and we decided it was time to tell the truth and call out some of our family of origin.

It was really quite nasty, because there were over 5 decades of anger and frustration so let’s just say; I wasn’t my usual diplomatic self. In all honesty, I’m embarrassed; not by what I said, because it was the truth and it needed to come out, but in the way that I said it. I had never spoken back to these people and it’s apparent in the ugly hateful words I wrote; but I seem to have made it worse.

I wanted to make sure that everyone who had ever doubted me would know the truth about my family of origin and I carbon-copied (CC) all of the emails to everyone in our family of origin.

I tried to explain in the emails that my daughter had recently questioned certain members of our family of origin, and for the first time in her life. She had never gone against the grain and now that she had, they were angry.

Needless to say, she was deleted and blocked from their Facebook accounts, email addresses, etc. They also wrote in a letter to my nephew, that she was as dead to the family as I am. Plus, they deleted and blocked everyone else that questioned them regarding the scenarios mentioned in the emails.

Really?! My daughter had nothing to do with any of it, yet she was deleted and blocked from all of their accounts and then they called the cops on her (us)! All she wanted - all that any of us wanted - was for the truth about the abuse to come out, and we ended up being treated like perpetrators instead of victims! WTF!

I wonder what members of our family of origin are going to say about her; the latest member of the ‘team’ that left? Does she also have Munchausen’s?! Or is she an alcoholic?! What are they going to say? How will they discredit her character like they did mine? She did nothing but ask a couple of questions about her mother; about why the rest of the family hates her so much.

Anyway, I’m feeling really dejected right now. Here I was, trying to tell my daughters and my nephew that the truth always prevails, but I’m not sure I believe that right now. My name is in a police report (me!!) and it isn’t a police report finally giving me the justice I need to truly move forward. Instead, I’m the one being chastised and being treated like a criminal! The rest of them - the ones that caused the abuse; and the ones that are covering it all up - once again, they got off Scott free!

Stay safe and stay strong. Thanks for following.