11:11 and Its Significance to Me. (approx. 2½ - 3 min. read)

Prior to getting Central Serous Retinopathy and not being able to drive, I volunteered for a local hospice. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life and I highly recommend it but there are people that have told me it’s not for everyone.

The hospice I volunteered at had a lot of volunteers and they did everything from gardening to cooking and from personal care to assisting with fund-raisers. We were all police-checked and we all took an 8 week training course on how to listen to the dying and their loved ones.

After we completed the course, we were placed in the kitchen as “chief cook and bottle washer,” so that we could find out if we could handle the stress that comes from working around the dying. After 8 weeks, we were given the opportunity to either stay in the kitchen, or move to another area or position.

My volunteer position was in resident care and my responsibilities were to help the PSWs and nurses give personal care to the residents, and that meant helping the residents to eat, doing their personal hygiene, etc. I loved it and all the people I met there - staff, residents, and their familie; it was so fulfilling.

About four years after I started at the hospice, I met Caroline and her daughter who was also called Caroline, and we all hit it off straight away. Caroline was quite shy and when she would see me coming with towels, bed sheets and a change of nightie, she would start up some nervous chatter and it usually started with what time it was.

I’m not sure why but week after week Caroline would greet me with “It’s 11:11.” I would turn to look at the clock to see if it actually was 11:11, and it always was; week after week, month after month...

As you know, I’m not religious but I’m spiritual and I believe in angels and spirit guides, which is why seeing or hearing that its 11:11 is important to me. There are a lot of articles out there about seeing these numbers together but I’m going to quote just one, the “Power of Positivity,” because it’s what I believe:

More and more people seem to notice these repeating numbers on the clock, on roadside billboards, signs, and other places lately, which only provides further truth that a massive shift in consciousness and awareness is taking place. This phenomenon basically occurs to remind us of the profound synchronicities and cosmic shifts occurring during this beautiful time on the planet, and also brings our attention to our present thoughts and feelings. The underlying intention of our angels bringing our awareness to 11:11 is to make us more conscious of ourselves, and remind us that we always have guidance and a greater wisdom to rely on anytime we feel stuck, scared, or frustrated.”

I was told about this phenomenon decades ago and when I see the numbers in that sequence, it reminds me to be present; I’m made aware of what I’m thinking about in the moment. Caroline and her daughter are first to come to mind because they are both angels.

For the most part, my head is usually somewhere negative and worried about something I have no control over, but I truly believe in the significance of the numbers and that my angels are there to help me and remind me that I’m not alone.

Stay safe and stay strong. Thanks for following.