Don’t You Worry Your Pretty Little Head! (approx. 2 - 2½ min. read)

I heard something and I wanted to make sure there was no confusion ...this blog is for you - you know who you are!

I heard through the grapevine that you put in a request to make sure I don’t come to your funeral and I want to re-assure you that you needn’t worry “your pretty little head” about it.

Funerals are for people to go and pay their respects to a person who has died. A person who (if you were lucky enough), made a good impression in your life. One who taught you what you needed to know in order to be a contribution to society, instead of someone that sucks the life out of it.

Funerals are a place where we share stories about how the person who died, contributed to humanity. Whether they were a good person or if they were someone that sailed through life thinking the world and everyone in it, owed them a living.

Did the person who died make the world a better place by never judging others based on how they look, or their stature in life? Did they have a positive view of life and the world around us? More importantly, did they share that positivity with the rest of the world, or did they keep it all for themselves?

I believe funerals are incredibly important for the survivors and families of the person that died. It’s where we say our good-byes to our loved one and start our journeys without them. Something that is incredibly hard when it’s someone that made our lives that little bit easier just by being in them.

But - and it’s a huge but! - when that person was toxic, and cared more about getting a new possession than whether their child was happy and healthy, it’s a situation you need to avoid!

So, don’t you worry whether I’m going to show up at your funeral! Paying my respects to someone who has no comprehension of the word, is the furthest thing from my mind!! Although, it would be pretty awesome to stand up at the podium and (finally) let everyone know the truth about what kind of a person you really are...

Oh and just so you don’t feel neglected, though neglect was something you bestowed on me, I will be visiting your grave. It won’t be to pay you any respects because I would have to actually respect you in order to do that! My visit will probably involve saliva, and dancing, lot’s of dancing!

Stay safe and stay strong. Thanks for following.